Luxurious studio maternity sessionI have the privilege of capturing the stunning beauty and beautiful glow of pregnant women. A luxurious maternity session or the highly anticipated baby shower are some of the last times a mom-to-be will get glammed up before baby’s arrival. Balancing the lack of sleep and energy that come along with having a newborn can make it incredibly easy for beauty routines and even self-care to take a back seat. Here are some easy (and realistic!) tips that can save new moms time and effort in feeling like they still have it all (somewhat) together:

High quality lash extensions – the same ones that looked amazing in the maternity and baby shower photos can make your face look automatically put together, even on the days when you’re running on 4 hours of sleep. Get them refilled right before baby’s grand entrance and they will make a huge difference in those first pictures taken together in the hospital. Not to mention they will last long enough for some mom-and-baby photos during the newborn photo session! Luckily there are tons of luxury lash professionals in the Houston area.


Pamper yourself at one of Houston’s many high end salons before baby arrives. Consider a low maintenance cut and style – one that will work in a wash and go situation, because very few new moms will have time blow dry and style.

Even with a style that is easy to maintain, there will be days when you just cannot find the time (or energy) to wash and condition your hair. Having a dry shampoo you can count on will help you make it that extra day or two in between washes.

Keep some go-to hair accessories that’ll make your hair style look well put together. Embellished clips and headbands can add glam to even the messiest of mom buns.

Use a tinted moisturizer that will not only hydrate your face but also hide the tiredness underneath your eyes. Any product that can do double duty is every mom’s favorite!

Have a pack of facial cleansing wipes on your bedside table. On the nights you are so worn out and are struggling to put baby to sleep, you will feel less guilty about not wanting to get up to wash your face. Facial wipes are a quick and easy way to cleanse, exfoliate, or even sooth your skin.

Instead of a drying hand sanitizer opt for an antibacterial cream that is also hydrating for your skin. Those sweet baby cheeks will thank you.

Drink your water! It can improve your complexion, prevent and treat headaches, and increase energy levels. It is also essential to moms who are breastfeeding to keep their supply up!

Most importantly, remind yourself of this: you have carried and created an incredible tiny being. That alone makes you an amazingly beautiful mama! 🙂