Houston Baby Photographer: Milestone Sessions

Your baby’s milestones mark a new chapter in their growth and development. No doubt, each milestone reached makes time feel like it is passing much more quickly than you’d like! New skills, new moments, tumbling over the next with increasing frequency. La Vie Photography captures these fleeting moments with beautifully crafted milestone sessions in our Houston Photography Studio. We design each milestone session to showcase your baby’s new developments, spread across three individualized portrait sessions: newborn, 6 months, and one year. Now, rather than feeling like time is slipping away at an alarming rate, you can relive these moments of your baby’s first year…long after these milestones have passed. 


What Are Milestones Sessions?

Long ago in ancient Rome, roadways were marked with stone pillars called milestones to indicate a significant distance. In recent years, we have adopted this term to refer to new skills and moments we want to remember, which is especially poignant when it comes to your baby’s development! Creating art that lasts and transcends time isn’t just for ancient Romans – we believe in creating artwork, not just for new parents, but for their children and the generations to come. Studies show children who grow up seeing photographs of themselves on the walls of their home are more confident and self-assured than those who don’t. What a powerful legacy to gift your children!

All our milestone sessions happen in our Downtown Houston Photography Studio and typically occur during three significant developmental stages: Newborn, Six Months and One Year.  

Milestone Session Inspiration

houston milestone portraits


These early days of motherhood will flicker by, each milestone burning brightly and fading just as quickly into the next new step towards childhood. Contact me now to preserve these precious moments, so you have them to hold on to long after your baby is too big to be held.