Houston Maternity Gallery

The journey into motherhood is a miraculous transformation filled with love, anticipation, and joy. It's also a time when women experience insecurities with their changing body and a great deal of discomfort. A maternity session is a wonderful way to remember this amazing time, and just how beautiful it all was despite the not so fun things that come along with it.

Our maternity sessions are classic and customized to each client. We celebrate your beautiful curves, grace, and strength with images that you and your family will treasure always. Get pampered with hair and makeup, feel beautiful in our designer maternity wardrobe, and have a great time!

Each session begins with an in person consultation where I'll answer all of your questions and get a feel for your style and how you'd like to be photographed. I'll ask questions like... Are there poses that you really like? What colors do you feel pretty in? Do you want to remain clothed or do you prefer artistic nudes? This initial meeting gives me a clear idea of how each woman should be photographed so I can create the perfect session just for you. On the day of your session I shoot for about an hour and a half producing many different looks with creative lighting and backgrounds and plenty of wardrobe changes. I want you to have a lot of variety to choose from when you come back to view your portraits.

As women we often put other people in our lives first not doing much for ourselves. You work hard, sacrifice a lot, and give everyone your all... Take this opportunity to enjoy something special just for you, and document your legacy.

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