Houston Boudoir

Femme Portraits by La Vie

For as long as art has existed, the female form has been its celebrated subject.
Women are multifaceted, possessing an immense amount of beauty, strength, power, sensuality, and gentleness. We crafted our Houston Boudoir sessions to empower women while providing an avenue in which to express these powerful characteristics.

Badass boss babe side, comfy cute & casual side, or unleash your inner sexy lioness…you will leave your FEMME session feeling amazing and empowered!

All of our sessions are customized to fit your personal style and comfort level. Want to bare it all or stay more modest? No problem, We’ll help you style the perfect session for you? Our all female staff and laid back vibe will help you feel comfortable throughout the entire process.

Fostering Female Empowerment

At La Vie, we believe that we stand out as a Houston boudoir studio with a fine art & editorial approach that celebrates women and fosters female empowerment. We draw inspiration from modern photography and classical Greek sculptures that celebrate the female form as a beautiful work of art.

Our Process

Personal Consultation

We kickstart our journey with a friendly phone call. During this chat, I’ll walk you through my process and take the time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. It’s the perfect opportunity for us to get to know each other better.

Session Booking

If time allows, we’ll blend our initial consultation and session booking into a single consult, or schedule a zoom consultation at your convenience. This ensures a smooth and clean experience while laying the foundation for our upcoming creative collaboration.

Styling & Wardrobe

Our next meeting takes place right here at the studio. We’ll dive into the exciting details of planning your session, discussing styling, wardrobe choices, and any unique concepts you have in mind. This step is all about bringing your vision to life.

Capture the Magic

We’ll meet at the studio for a day of being pampered, where I’ll use my expertise to capture the essence of the moment. This is where the magic happens, and we’ll create stunning memories together.

Your Personal Gallery

After the session, we’ll set up an ordering appointment. This is your chance to view your carefully curated gallery of images and decide on the keepsakes and artwork that will bring your photos to life.

Cherished Deliverables

In the final step, I’ll ensure your selected products are beautifully crafted and ready for delivery. Your memories will be carefully packaged and delivered to you, turning your vision into tangible, cherished keepsakes.

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This session is for YOU!

Serving women of The Heights and Sawyer Yards, our Houston Boudoir and Portrait Studio is a space where you can be yourself without reservation.