An Experience Unlike Any Other

imagine a studio full of light, hair & makeup onsite, refreshments, and a styling wardrobe…

For expectant mothers and busy women taking a moment for themselves, you aren’t just booking a photo session but rather an afternoon of pampering. We want you to leave feeling as relaxed and beautiful as you look in your photos. Whether you are here for a boudoir studio session or a new mother with her little one, your studio portrait session is a well-deserved break, a time to rest while we care for you and your needs.


Choosing a studio portrait session is your way of saying yes to a touch of glamour in your life while embracing the inevitable change that comes with becoming a woman.

Whether you are choosing to capture your inner beauty through a luxury boudoir studio session or you are capturing the fleeting moments of motherhood, you know the day-to-day life of a woman is far from glamorous, it is filled with wonder and moments of exquisite beauty that deserve to be preserved.

A maternity studio or woman empowerment session is for you if…
  • you want the freedom that comes with a private portrait experience that lets you express your personal style
  • getting a little pampered before a session always makes you feel special
  • you want to choose your outfits from a fully styled closet chosen with a woman’s body in mind
  • keeping one eye on the weather the day of your portrait session just isn’t how you want to spend your day.
  • knowing your home artwork doesn’t look like everyone else’s gives you a little thrill!

Our Studio Portrait Session

Studio Wardrobe and Styling

A collection of classic gowns mixed with touches of boldly modern pieces; each item in my closet has been carefully selected to help you feel empowered behind the camera.

We filled our Houston Portrait Studio wardrobe with a curated selection of couture dresses, stunning wraps, and decadent drapes, all chosen while considering a woman’s changing body.

Woman-owned, Women-designed & Women-inspired 

Our maternity portrait and boudoir studio experiences are created with a woman’s peace of mind at its center.

We are familiar with every insecurity, fear, worry, joy, and triumph that comes with being a woman in an intimate and vulnerable space. Our Downtown Houston Portrait Studio is a space where you can be yourself while still discovering who you have always wanted to be.

Meet The Team

Kristen, Owner & Photographer

I’ve been called by many names: mother, wife, veteran, artist, photographer and friend. All of these wrap up to encompass the artist that I have become, each one influencing my craft as I grow from new experiences. Perhaps the most important are wife and mother…with my encouraging husband and loving daughters by my side, I find myself constantly inspired.

As a child I would pull my parent’s photo albums into my lap. Thick with photos afixed to pages that were slipped into clear plastic covers, to protect from our sticky fingers, these albums were a source of great joy to my sister and I. Each image whispering a story of love and security.

Being surrounded by photographs, both in these albums and covering our walls, invested a sense of belonging and pride in my family. Naturally as I began to explore my own artistic expression, I was drawn to photography. I knew first hand it’s importance and meaning.

It was with my own pregnancy that the desire to document every moment deepened in purpose. I was uncomfortable, heavier than I thought I should be. Driven to find the beauty in this season, I pushed past my insecurities and scheduled maternity photos. I wanted my yet unborn daughter to one day see these early days of her precious life and know the same sense of belonging I had experienced as a child.

As I displayed my maternity portraits, I felt an immense amount of gratitude for the beauty they held. I saw no flaws, only the promise of a beautiful future, and I knew that I wanted to instill that same confidence into other women.


Dara keeps operations moving smoothly, and also assists during client sessions. Let’s not forget she’s behind most of the beautiful silk work you see in our portraits. That’s right… it’s not done by a fan! Outside of the studio she’s a proud dog mom, and loves spending time with her family.  I’m so grateful to have her enthusiastic personality in the studio.


Michele is our resident social media coordinator. She handles our platform, helps prepare the studio for sessions, and helps to make sure they all run smoothly. She loves photography, messy art, and animals. When she’s not at the studio she’s playing video games, getting creative, or sleeping. I’m so grateful for her creativity and calm presence.

Makeup Artist

Ashley owns Ashley Granados Hair and Makeup Artistry. Looking and feeling your best at a session starts with her amazing attention to detail, not to mention having her on location saves our clients a ton of time and stress! When she isn’t working with me, she is helping brides look amazing for their wedding day or spending time with her beautiful family.

Makeup Artist

Debbie and her team at Pink Palette Artists helps our clients look and feel their best in the comfort of our studio. She has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and running her business. When she’s not working with us at the studio she’s making lots of other women feel gorgeous at various events throughout Houston, and spending time with her lovely family. 


Luis and his team at Friendswood Frame and Gallery is the artist behind all of our beautifully framed artwork. He has created some custom finishes that you will only find in our studio. Luis’s passion for framing goes back to his frame shop apprenticeship in high school and he has been working his magic ever since! He has extensive knowledge about all things art-related, loves outdoor sports and spending time with his lovely wife.

Our Features & Awards

I want to show you how beautiful motherhood looks on you! Book a complementary consultation with me to learn more about the process.