Maternity portrait all white gown with white flowers

Creating a baby registry can be exciting, overwhelming, and many times eye opening for new parents. When clients come into the studio for maternity sessions, naturally the topic of preparing for baby comes up. Some mamas have started to shop around, some are still awaiting their baby shower and some are confident that they’ve already gathered what’s needed to welcome baby. Many of the items that go onto your registry are obvious such as gear, clothes, bottles etc.  Here are a few items that occasionally I will ask about, because they can sometimes be easily overlooked!

White Noise Machine – not only can it lull baby to sleep quicker but the soothing noises can help KEEP the, asleep longer. From sounds similar to what they heard in the womb to a variety of calming sounds found in nature, it can help drown out noises that would normally startle baby. If you’re out and about you can always have a white noise machine with you as well by downloading a white noise app. I use one during every newborn session to help keep baby sleepy as we move through poses. 

Humidifier – especially during colder months when heat is running, this will add moisture back into the air and prevent it from getting too dry and uncomfortable for baby. This can help relieve mucus buildup if baby is congested and also keep their skin smooth if dry skin is an issue.

Medicine – speaking of congestion, you’ll want to have the following on hand for when your little one is feeling under the weather. Be sure to have a thermometer, a fever reducer, gas relief and a nasal aspiratior. It will save a midnight run to the store!

Baby Mittens – it’s common to be gifted a grooming set that includes infant nail clippers, but the reality is that attempting to trim a squirmy baby’s nails intimidates many new parents. Mittens will keep their sweet cheeks scratch free until you’re ready to tackle the trimming. Having a hard time keeping those mittens on their hands? Try using a pair of baby’s socks!

Night Light – the perfect amount of light is crucial for middle of the night baby duties. You want enough light to not have to fumble clumsily for what you need, but the glow should be soft enough to not disturb the sleep cycle.

Wrap – sometimes baby just needs to be held close, and sometimes you need a free hand or two to eat, return an email or get something done around the house. When it is time to venture out, opting to wear your little one will sometimes be easier than lugging around the travel system. It can keep them more content which will make for a less stressful outing. This was the only way I was ever able to get anything done with my second child with a toddler in tow. 

House Cleaning Services – even through the chaos of bringing home a new baby, having a clean space will help any mom feel at ease. No new mama will turn down the gift of a helping hand when it comes to cleaning and refreshing the house! My kiddos are much older now, but I still splurge on a regular house cleaner. It takes so much stress off of me and I wish I had done it when they were little. If you’re feeling guilty about using a service, don’t. There’s nothing wrong with getting help with things you don’t like to do or have trouble finding time to do. This will free up time for more important things like taking care of yourself and enjoying all of your baby’s milestones.

Post Partum Bath Sets – from salts to bath herbs to sprays, there are tons of amazing products on the market to help new mamas, specifically, practice self-care. Multitask in the bath by using products that  promote physical healing. If you’re using a doula or midwife for your delivery they should be able to recommend some great products.

Post Partum Massage – self-care is extremely important to new mothers, and sometimes you need a push to treat yourself. A post partum massage will leave Mom refreshed and recharged – having a reason to get out of the house can be a gift in itself for new mothers, so soak it up and enjoy some time dedicated to only YOU.

Navigating motherhood is sometimes a dauting task. Anytime you’re in the studio I’m always happy to listen and offer any advice…from one mother to another 🙂

Mother and baby portaits from La Vie Photography