Houston Baby First Year Photographer | Edin

Little Edin here is part of my baby steps package. Documenting these little ones, receiving and archiving the prints of those images is so incredibly important! Hard-drives crash and Facebook can only take you so far. There’s something special about holding onto a tangible printed copy of these special moments that I find so vital. Your little ones are truly only this small for a short while, believe me. My baby steps package is an investment in preserving the memories of your baby’s first year, and as a Houston Baby First Year Photographer, I can attest to how quickly this first year truly does fly by.

Edin’s mommy requested that I design a clean, modern yet feminine setup for her sessions. We’ve carried that idea through from her newborns, into this adorable six-month session and will do so further into her first birthday session. I’m so excited! I’ve love getting to know Edin… She has such a sweet personality and infectious smile. And I adore how tiny she is! You know what they say! Some of the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages; definitely true in this case, don’t you think?!

Each session of the baby steps package has a special place in my heart. The freshness of the brand new babies makes my heart squirm with joy. There’s really not many things better in this world than the feeling of a full-bellied baby drifting off to sleep on your chest. There’s something so calming and peaceful in the quiet moments you spend together. When it comes to six-month sessions, I love when they’re barely sitting up, not quite able to stabilize their top-heavy noggins. What could be more adorable?! Finally we get to the first birthday. Suddenly, we have a tiny teetering little human. Able to stand with some help and ready to take on the world. It’s so much fun to watch them start learning. What little sponges they are! Soaking up everything (and I do mean everything!) Every new sight, sound and smell is such an adventure for their curious little minds. Like I said, this first year really does fly by. How lucky am I to be able to be their Photographer to witness all the fun stages and changes!

Houston Baby First Year PhotographerHouston Baby First Year Photographer

Houston Baby First Year Photographer