The Emotional Equity of Photography 

If you’ve seen beauty or have encountered a moment that takes your breath away, then you know the power of emotional equity—the need to preserve a moment in time to relive over and over. Ahh, but memories are fickle and fleeting, aren’t they? We need something tangible, something to hold onto, that transports us back into that moment. When you gaze upon a photograph and feel that tug of nostalgia, a longing to revisit those memories held within its frame, the value of that image is immeasurable. La Vie Photography, the #1 Houston Maternity Photographer, has created an experience unlike any other that lets you relive the beauty of motherhood through fine art portraiture. 

Photography is a gift. Life is lived with extraordinary speed, days tumble into each other, we find ourselves wondering how it is possible, yet another month has passed. But photography steps in and chooses which moments stay.  You take photos to hold onto a memory, relive it. The very act of creating those images shows what you value.  We photograph that which we find important. 

It’s not only the beautiful and stunning moments that deserve capture.  Small, daily details of our lives make up the memories that tell our story and are worthy of being retold. 

Custom Designed Experience 

To celebrate and cherish, to document and lovingly recall, to honor and to preserve.  It is La Vie Photography’s greatest desire to see through your lens, to record the moments of love you see. To document and cherish the first kicks and eyelashes on squishy cheeks. To preserve the curves that make you unique and the beauty and power of your body.  

La Vie offers a fully customizable designed experience to help you display and recall your story.   Your story is different from all others, and we will help you tell it.  

At La Vie, you can expect an initial, in-studio design consultation.  In our light-filled, customizable studio, you will choose a session style designed to reflect your personality.  Additionally, you will select your colors and full wardrobe, all provided in-house within our studio.  We will discuss with you our product menu and view artwork samples to assist you in honing in on your personal style and photographic goals.

We offer the following types of fine art portrait sessions:

Maternity Styling and Motherhood

Beauty and Boudoir

Newborn and Baby

Child and Family 

Smash Cake Birthday Celebrations

You can secure your session with a booking fee of $1500 and a signed contract.

During your photographic session and experience,  you can expect light snacks and pampering – an opportunity to rest, relax, and reflect upon your mothering journey.  Our goal is to enhance your beauty and create a joyful space to preserve this memory for you and your little one.  

The time for each session depends on the needs of each family. Ranging from one hour for Baby and Child Milestones to three hours for Newborns—we thoughtfully plan and design your session around you and your baby’s needs.  We focus on your rest and relaxation throughout our photography process.  

When your session is complete, you will return to the studio in approximately a week to peruse your art during the ordering appointment.  At this time, you can expect to view a minimum of thirty images, finished in both color and b&w. We can help you select the most meaningful moments to preserve and direct you toward an artwork collection that best fits your desires and budget.


Planning for Your Photographic Experience and Session with a Houston Maternity Photographer

A $500 booking fee and signed contract reserves your date on our studio calendar.

Since creating a stress-free experience in front of the camera is always our goal; we offer optional add-on services such as behind-the-scenes video production.

Artwork Investments vary greatly based on your specific needs…we have so many beautiful options to choose from. There’s truly something perfect for each client we work with.

How Will You Tell Your Story?

To tell your story, we offer different customizable options for your artwork.  Our primary goal is to honor your family’s legacy and customize your artwork to reflect your home’s aesthetics. As a full-service studio, La Vie wants to both preserve your moments and display them in a style that suits you and your needs. 

Our personalization offerings include custom artwork, heirloom albums, folio boxes, and digital artwork.  Because your art is worthy of being printed, hung, and enjoyed every day! 

Custom Artwork offers you the opportunity to grow your collection and photo gallery year after year while maintaining a cohesive look to the artwork you plan to display.  This is one of our most popular services for families.

Heirloom quality albums and folio boxes allow for browsing photos and reliving those moments when the desire arises.  Our sleek and modern folio boxes allow for printed images to be brought to life when you are inclined to sit with your opened box. 

Digital images are perfect for sharing with loved ones, near and far.  


While the days may be slow, the years go so fast.  And time does not slow for anyone.  Preserving your family’s memories and documenting your family’s journey from first kicks to milestone celebrations would be our great honor.  We invite you to inquire about our availability and look forward to the privilege of helping preserve your memories and create your art. If you are looking for a Houston Maternity Photographer, La Vie Photography would be honored to help you preserve these memories and all the ones that come after!