Wardrobe & Styling with #1 Houston Maternity Photographer

Wardrobe Selections for Your Changing Body

As your body changes and grows, nourishing life from within, our goal at La Vie Photography, the #1 Houston Maternity Photographer, is to marvel over your body’s natural state and beauty.  We want you to savor this moment in motherhood, when first kicks leave you breathless with joy or when your belly shifts to accommodate the daily growth of your little one.  

Despite these positives, bodily changes can feel foreign. This is especially true when we have little control over the daily growth and development we notice in our bodies.  Give yourself a moment to appreciate the beauty and life that you are giving and creating. This is what our photography is all about -enjoying every moment! Allow La Vie Photography, the #1 Houston Maternity photographer to record this moment of appreciation for you.  

We want you to feel stunning during this transition from pregnancy into a new mother.  We also want to make the photography process simple and take a few tasks off your plate.   Choosing your clothing does not need to be one of your tasks.  With care and experience, we’ve hand-selected wardrobe options to help you with a fully customizable look designed toward your aesthetic.  As the needs of our clients grow and change, so does our wardrobe. It is impossible to showcase a full catalog of everything you can find in our studio because it is so extensive! We hope this little taste will encourage you to schedule a consult to see what all we have for yourself! 

Our goals of wardrobe servicing are to provide you with an experience that:

Is stress-free and memorable

Offers you a variety of textures and styles 

Provides you with wardrobe choices and options, so you do not have to invest in clothing you will never wear again.

#1 Houston Maternity Photographer provides a variety of color and textures to choose from in her Wardrobe and styling closet.

At your initial consultation, we will discuss your goals in capturing these moments with your little one.  You can view options and determine your preferences as we look through different portrait styles, helping you find your look.  Our studio has complete wardrobe maternity offerings ranging from chunky sweaters,  stylish bodysuits, flowy silks, clean lines, full tulle, and form-fitting dresses.  

#1 Houston Maternity Photographer has a vast wardrobe made to flatter every mother's body.

Our signature fine art style will create an experience and art unique to no other from a fully customized wardrobe selection to extensive prop offerings.  Images of you that capture this moment in time, bringing awareness and focus to you and your baby.  Let us do the work to build this glimpse into your mothering journey, so you can rest in this moment, knowing this memory of love will be yours to cherish always.