I believe…

I believe there is no greater gift than family. I believe in honesty, even when it is hard. I believe that being a caregiver means you have to learn to also care for yourself. I believe in hugs that linger longer and squeeze harder just before you let go. I believe in growth, and always looking for opportunities for it. I believe every woman is beautiful, and I know that showing the beauty they possess will be how I change the world.

Meet Kristen

I’ve been called by many names: mother, wife, veteran, artist, photographer and friend. All of these wrap up to encompass the artist that I have become, each one influencing my craft as I grow from new experiences. Perhaps the most important are wife and mother…with my encouraging husband and loving daughters by my side, I find myself constantly inspired.

As a child I would pull my parent’s photo albums into my lap. Thick with photos afixed to pages that were slipped into clear plastic covers, to protect from our sticky fingers, these albums were a source of great joy to my sister and I. Each image whispering a story of love and security.

Being surrounded by photographs, both in these albums and covering our walls, invested a sense of belonging and pride in my family. Naturally as I began to explore my own artistic expression, I was drawn to photography. I knew first hand it’s importance and meaning.

It was with my own pregnancy that the desire to document every moment deepened in purpose. I was uncomfortable, heavier than I thought I should be. Driven to find the beauty in this season, I pushed past my insecurities and scheduled maternity photos. I wanted my yet unborn daughter to one day see these early days of her precious life and know the same sense of belonging I had experienced as a child.

As I displayed my maternity portraits, I felt an immense amount of gratitude for the beauty they held. I saw no flaws, only the promise of a beautiful future, and I knew that I wanted to instill that same confidence into other women.

My Favorite Things

My girls are my most favorite thing! Their ever evolving personalities serve as a constant creative muse, delighting in their new found strengths and helping them grow through their struggles.

I love food! Both cooking it and eating it! My favorite dish is Japanese Ramen which always transports me back to meeting my husband in Japan and the rich memories that we shared there.

I am happy anywhere, but the mountains are where my soul feels at peace. Give me all the trees, rivers and wildlife. Throw in a good book and a hammock and I could live happily ever after!

I love art of all kinds. I draw much inspiration from seeing other’s expressions of creativity. Music, painting (something I enjoy and hope to improve in!) even tattoos, I love it all!

Meet the Team

Studio Manager

Nicole has over 10 years in photography, business & graphic design experience, and assists in keeping operations moving smoothly as well as helping during client sessions. When she’s not in the studio or busy raising a teenager, she supports the arts by serving as President of Northland Christian’s Fine Arts Society, and loves creating with multiple artistic mediums. I’m so grateful to have her in the studio with her wealth of knowledge and positive energy!


Sam is our resident social media coordinator and studio assistant. She handles our platform, helps prepare the studio for sessions, and helps to make sure they all run smoothly. Let’s not forget she’s behind most of the beautiful silk work you see in our portraits. That’s right… it’s not done by a fan! Outside of the studio she’s a dedicated animal mom, avid reader, and baseball fan.  I’m so grateful to have her enthusiastic personality in the studio.

Makeup Artist

Ashley owns Ashley Granados Hair and Makeup Artistry. Looking and feeling your best at a session starts with her amazing attention to detail, not to mention having her on location saves our clients a ton of time and stress! When she isn’t working with me, she is helping brides look amazing for their wedding day or spending time with her beautiful family.

Makeup Artist

Debbie and her team at Pink Palette Artists helps our clients look and feel their best in the comfort of our studio. She has over 13 years of experience in the industry, and running her business. When she’s not working with us at the studio she’s making lots of other women feel gorgeous at various events throughout Houston, and spending time with her lovely family. 


Luis and his team at Friendswood Frame and Gallery is the artist behind all of our beautifully framed artwork. He has created some custom finishes that you will only find in our studio. Luis’s passion for framing goes back to his frame shop apprenticeship in high school and he has been working his magic ever since! He has extensive knowledge about all things art-related, loves outdoor sports and spending time with his lovely wife.

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