Cake Smash Sessions have become increasingly popular over the years. There is something so magical about capturing your baby’s surprise, curiosity, and joy at exploring something new! La Vie Photography prides itself on creating a Houston Cake Smash experience that lets you rest in the moment while we take care of the details (and in the case of First Birthday Milestones, THE MESS!) 

Simple Yet Timeless

We invite you to join us in our Downtown Houston Studio for a fully customizable session that captures your Baby’s first year with a personalized spin on this fun milestone tradition. Over the years, we have found that some of our favorite sessions share a common theme: each is simple yet timeless while still unique to each baby and their family. 


Sweet (or Maybe Not!)

Who says you can only celebrate your first birthday with cake? We think the most successful cake smash sessions often don’t include cake at all! What about celebrating with your little one’s favorite food? We know those messy baby photos are super fun (and very much the stage of life you are in with an almost toddler in the house!), but you don’t have to eat cake to capture this iconic moment. 


Maybe your baby loves avocado? How cute is this little girl with her favorite food? 

First Birthday Avacado Smash

We later did a shoot with mangos for her brother! This allowed the family to create images that captured both their baby’s love of these favorite foods and their vegan lifestyle timelessly and memorably! 

Vegan Mango First Birthday

Some other fun treats that make for great Cake Smash photos include donuts, favorite cookies, watermelon slices, popsicles – really anything that tells more of your baby’s story and favorite things works! 


Dress it Up 

Just because we like to mix it up with some non-cake items for our Birthday Milestone Sessions doesn’t mean that we don’t still love a good old-fashioned cake smash! These are great opportunities to bring in some of your baby’s favorite things into your session. The goal with these sessions is to keep it simple and timeless while telling more about your baby’s first year in the process! Part of our process in planning your session is to discover what will capture what the last year with your baby has meant to you. 

Your baby’s first year will fly by, and all that will be left are these photos. So, why not make them unique to you and your baby? After all, they are only little for just a little while! Let’s be honest; you don’t need what’s most popular on Pinterest hanging on your walls…you need the moments that have a story behind them. 

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