Houston Newborn Photography with ParentsMaternity and newborn photography sessions are quite busy. But I love the conversations that my clients and I are still able to have in between sets, wardrobe changes, and baby feedings. Most new parents coming into my photography studio always seem to have lots of questions and ask for advice. A common topic of conversation is child care. While I’m no expert, I am a mother 🙂 and I am always happy to share my personal opinions and advice.

If you’re heading back to work, entrusting your little one’s well being to someone else is a huge investment – financially and emotionally! There are thousands of child care options to choose from in the Houston area. No wonder selecting one can be overwhelming and time consuming. Whether you’re looking into day care facilities, in-home centers or a personal nanny, here are a few tips to help you choose the best one for your family:

Observe them interacting with your baby. Look for low adult to child ratios and ensure each child is able to get a healthy dose of one on one attention. If considering a nanny, set up a play date where you can sit by and watch. They should be warm, gentle and comforting! Ask for referrals and references from close friends and family members.

Consider your personal parenting techniques – do you limit screen time? What are your baby’s sleep routines like? How do you soothe your baby? Look for someone who can mirror your own care giving style. Make sure you agree with their standards and policies when it comes to nutrition, discipline and being sick, especially for older kids.

Keeping your little one safe is always the priority. Ask if they are CPR certified. Make sure the environment is baby proofed, clean and sanitary. Germs can spread quickly where there are multiple children! When considering either a home daycare or a center, ask about how the staff is screened and what safety procedures are in place.

Take note of the turnover rates for daycare staff. Ask a potential nanny about their work history. Those with longer tenures may be more dedicated and reliable. Make sure your nanny can agree to a long term commitment- stability is important for little ones. That being said…

Babies are resilient! The most important tip is to always follow your intuition. If at any point you are not 100% comfortable or satisfied, do not hesitate to switch simply because your baby has grown accustomed to a certain person or place. Always keep an open line of communication for any concerns or questions involving your little one.

Who ever you choose to care for your precious bundle of joy should have your same goal in mind – a healthy and happy baby! 🙂

Newborn girl photographed on pink