Houston Portrait Photography – A Custom Experience

Customize Your Home

Our homes are reflections of ourselves and our families.  Within those walls holds everything we hold dear! From our sense of style to our precious children, our home is an extension of what we value most.  Custom Houston portrait photography with La Vie lets you express your style while preserving your memories! We create fine art portraiture for you to show off your most extraordinary works of art, your family!

At La Vie Photography, we offer you a photographic experience that is different from the rest!  Imagine a stress-free photography session with helpful experts listening to your fine art vision. Our staff is skilled at asking thoughtful questions to hone into your needs and portrait goals. This helps us capture what is most important to you –  your loved ones. La Vie, your number one location for Houston portrait photography, will capture your memories in our full-service photography studio. But, we won’t just send you off with a drive full of photos! Every image that leaves our studio is delivered finished. And, from custom framing to heirloom albums, we assist in every step in displaying your custom luxury artwork.  Just think of us as photographers, with a hint of home decorator thrown in! 

An Open Invitation

Before we even begin the photographic process, we invite you to visit our light-filled, full-service studio to experience our approach for yourself. At this initial, in-studio design consultation, we will work together. Here you will view artwork samples and discuss your photographic experience. This process allows us to produce fine art reflecting your unique personality.  We will learn about your style, what impresses you, and plan images to matches your own home’s aesthetics.  Classic, timeless, sophisticated photography that will stand the test of time starts with a simple $500 session fee. Together, we will create images for your home that turn ordinary moments into extraordinary works of art! These are moments to be enjoyed on the walls of your home for years to come. 

After your session, our in-studio ordering consultation will offer viewing of your photos.  We will show a minimum of 30 images from your session and help you select the photos that best represent you and preserve your memory.   Our goal is not just to help you choose the fine art photography that will grace the walls of your home but to display it in line with your style and your home’s artistic environment.  

Houston Portrait Photography by La Vie Photography

Because we offer nothing less than individualized, custom portraiture at La Vie, we can help you display your art in various ways. From heirloom-quality albums, digital formats to portraiture art in a variety of finishes and styles.  

Your art is worthy of being printed, hung, and enjoyed! Our personalized offerings for custom portraiture include custom artwork, heirloom albums, folio boxes, and digital artwork.   

Artwork Designed with Your Style In Mind

To give you an idea of the whole experience, below are a couple of examples of the planning process and how their resulting images fit into their home styling and decor.

Example One – Modern Elegance

Our client’s in-person design consultation let us know how she had decorated her baby’s nursery and how she would describe her home’s decor style. We made sure to include plenty of warm blush pinks and whites throughout the baby’s newborn session. Because we incorporate the tones in her nursery we had images that would fit seamlessly into this beautiful decor. 

Houston Portrait Photography by La Vie Photography

Because our client’s home decor has a very modern style filled with texture, we planned both her maternity and newborn sessions to include classic black and white images. And they’re the perfect contrast to the soft neutral colors and patterns in their master bedroom. Don’t you agree?

Houston Portrait Photography by La Vie Photography

Example 2 – Organic Minimalism

At their design consultation, we discussed filling an empty wall in the master bedroom with a wall grouping. They wanted to incorporate images spanning from their wedding to newborn sessions. Since I wasn’t the photographer at their wedding, we started by looking through their wedding portraits. Using their favorite wedding image as an anchor, we then discussed the styling of her maternity and newborn sessions. Sizing, finishes, and orientation for the final pieces were part of the conceptual planning. Because I knew all of this information before even taking a single portrait I created images specifically for this concept. I don’t think the final artwork could have worked together any better, and the client agreed!

Houston Portrait Photography by La Vie Photography

The majority of the remaining images in their two sessions were kept neutral in style.  For instance, our client’s minimalistic and organic decorating style complimented the neutral images we created. Choosing us for your Houston portrait photography experience is an honor. Please know we will always keep your style aesthetic in mind when planning your sessions. 

Houston Portrait Photography by La Vie Photography

A Custom Collection That Grows with Your Family

Our service allows you to choose your artwork based on your tastes. Do you love hanging large wall art pieces? Or do you prefer albums and small framed prints? Custom artwork offers you the opportunity to grow your collection and photo gallery year after year while maintaining a cohesive look to the artwork you plan to display.  With our flexible artwork credit, this is one of our most popular services for families.

Heirloom quality albums and folio boxes allow for browsing photos and reliving moments when the desire arises.  Also, our sleek and modern folio boxes allow for printed images to be brought to life when you are inclined to sit with your opened box. 

Digital images are perfect for sharing with loved ones, near and far.  

We believe there is no more exceptional gift in life than loving our families.   Choosing to preserve a moment in time with your children is one of the most significant investments your family can make.  Contact us to schedule a time to discuss your fine art goals.