Houston Luxury Newborn Photographer | Ava Rose

The first time for anything always comes with a dose of nerves, excitement, and anticipation. I’m not sure anything quite compares to the first time you become a parent, though. Months of planning, preparing, and waiting to finally hold that sweet new bundle can’t hold a candle to what’s in store when you finally do. If you were skeptical about love at first sight, you no longer question it when that 7 pound ball of perfection is handed to you. Ten tiny fingers, ten perfect toes, and a fresh new set of eyes staring back into yours. It’s a moment you wish you could freeze forever.

Celebrating Sweet Ava

I recently photographed a sweet new angel named Ava, who made her parents Mommy and Daddy for the first time. Of course, they were completely smitten with her and it showed. Ava was the perfect subject, and slept like a rock throughout her session. Her middle name is Rose, so we incorporated some beautiful vintage roses into some of the poses. The peachy pinks and timeless neutral colors complemented her gorgeous skin tone perfectly. Her full cheeks, dimpled hands, and fragile little eyelashes were a sight to behold and I know her parents will treasure those sweet little details captured for years to come.

They picked out some lovely wall art from her session that will make a beautiful staple in their home. I always have a hard time letting go of such gorgeous large wall art pieces, but it makes me happy knowing how cherished the pieces are. There is nothing quite like that first time you become a parent, and I know Ava’s Mom and Dad will look back on her session with love and admiration for a lifetime.

Houston Luxury Newborn PhotographerHouston Luxury Newborn PhotographerHouston Luxury Newborn PhotographerHouston Luxury Newborn PhotographerHouston Luxury Newborn PhotographerHouston Luxury Newborn Photographer

You could literally feel the love fill the room during this newborn session. I live for days like this as a Houston Luxury Newborn Photographer! Make sure to check out more cuties like this one from La Vie Photography!