Houston Baby Photographer | Alice is 4 Months

Baby plans are by far my favorite service to offer! Not only do I get to document all of the sweet milestones of the baby’s first year for my clients, but I really get to know them! I get to watch them grow too, meet their siblings, and chat with their parents. After a while they start to feel like my babies in a way. I really look forward to each and every session with them and am honored that my clients continually bring their kiddos to see me!!

Miss Alice is turning out to be just as happy and beautiful as her big sister was when I photographed her first year. Despite a double ear infection and the meds that go along with it, Alice was SO happy. We were laughing and talking the whole way through her session 😀

Baby Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxShe’s super expressive isn’t she?!! She also LOVES her piggy toes! Gaahhh…it’s just too adorable!!

Baby Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxKeep checking back for more beautiful portraits of this beautiful baby over the course of the year.

Houston’s Premier Newborn Photographer | Twins

I always get excited when I receive and inquiry for twins! Not only is it double the squishy cuteness, but there’s something different about photographing two babies that have inhabited their mother’s womb together. They comfort each other and yearn to be snuggled up next to each other. It’s an amazing an miraculous bond that they are lucky enough to share for the rest of their lives.

This family was a joy to work with! They’re so beautiful and kind to one another, and I feel privileged to have been a small part of their journey together as a family. A small part in time yes, but these memories will be treasured for generations to come. This is one of the many reasons I love what I do!!!

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,Tx

Houston Newborn Photography | Edin

This lovely family found me after moving to the area from Boston not long ago. I’m so happy they did…they were such a joy to work with!

I really enjoyed creating some lovely family memories for them. Big brother wasn’t too thrilled about being in the pictures but he ended up doing really well. I had a lot of fun with a couple of creative sibling shots as well to include a composite shot of the older kiddos pushing baby in the stroller.Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxDuring our initial consultation, Edin’s mama described the simple, feminine, yet not over the top girly style she was after for her session. I think the neutrals mixed with soft pinks, teal, and mint were perfect for her session and looked beautiful against her skin tone!

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxI just adored working with Edin during her session! She was perfectly plump at over 8lbs and slept almost the entire session. She gave me lots of sweet smiles too with her perfectly pouty lips 🙂

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxI’m so honored that I was chosen to document this sweet girls start in this world and look forward to more sessions with her over the year as she grows up!!

Houston Family Photography

I’ve been photographing this family’s portraits since their oldest was a newborn. We’ve collaborated on many sessions from family to baby portraits and cake smashes. They have always given me so much creative freedom which has allowed me to produce some of my favorite images!

Finding new and inspiring places for clients I see on at least a yearly basis is always a challenge. I want to give them something fresh and new to add to the collection of images we’ve already created over the years together. This year for their family portraits we decided on a funky urban vibe. I absolutely love this location with it’s amazing textures and vibrant colors! It was perfect for their family session and I’m so grateful that I continue to watch these beautiful girls grow in front of my camera!

Family Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,Tx