Houston Baby First Year Photographer | Edin

Houston Baby First Year Photographer | Edin

Little Edin here is part of my baby steps package. Documenting these little ones, receiving and archiving the prints of those images is so incredibly important! Hard-drives crash and Facebook can only take you so far. There’s something special about holding onto a tangible printed copy of these special moments that I find so vital. Your little ones are truly only this small for a short while, believe me. My baby steps package is an investment in preserving the memories of your baby’s first year, and as a Houston Baby First Year Photographer, I can attest to how quickly this first year truly does fly by.

Edin’s mommy requested that I design a clean, modern yet feminine setup for her sessions. We’ve carried that idea through from her newborns, into this adorable six-month session and will do so further into her first birthday session. I’m so excited! I’ve love getting to know Edin… She has such a sweet personality and infectious smile. And I adore how tiny she is! You know what they say! Some of the biggest gifts come in the smallest packages; definitely true in this case, don’t you think?!

Each session of the baby steps package has a special place in my heart. The freshness of the brand new babies makes my heart squirm with joy. There’s really not many things better in this world than the feeling of a full-bellied baby drifting off to sleep on your chest. There’s something so calming and peaceful in the quiet moments you spend together. When it comes to six-month sessions, I love when they’re barely sitting up, not quite able to stabilize their top-heavy noggins. What could be more adorable?! Finally we get to the first birthday. Suddenly, we have a tiny teetering little human. Able to stand with some help and ready to take on the world. It’s so much fun to watch them start learning. What little sponges they are! Soaking up everything (and I do mean everything!) Every new sight, sound and smell is such an adventure for their curious little minds. Like I said, this first year really does fly by. How lucky am I to be able to be their Photographer to witness all the fun stages and changes!

Houston Baby First Year PhotographerHouston Baby First Year Photographer

Houston Baby First Year Photographer


Houston First Birthday Photographer – Christina

Houston First Birthday Photographer – Christina

How adorable is this little bit of sweetness!? Christina was all smiles during her entire session. As a Houston First Birthday Photographer, I’ve seen a lot of little ones, and a happier baby would be hard to find! I loved everything about this session, from her sweet grin, to her big fur-sister who so graciously cleaned up her left-overs. How cute?!

Normally I provide and style everything when it comes to cake smash sessions, such as this. But Christina’s mom is so incredibly crafty and wanted to help design the set. I was so excited to see what her creative mind came up with, and I have to say, I wasn’t disappointed.  She made the giant tissue flowers of all shapes and sizes and even made her own giant cupcake cake, including an edible topper and sugar flowers! What an impressive lady!! I absolutely love working with clients like sweet Christina’s mama.  When they get excited and involved with the design process and set up of the session, it allows me the opportunity to have someone to bounce fun ideas off of and really does light a creative fire in my heart!

A happy baby, fluffy puppy, pink tutu and plenty of giggles to go around. How in the world could this first birthday session have gotten any cuter?! Little Miss Christina, happiest of birthdays to you my darling! The world is a far more beautiful place now that you’re in it.

Houston Baby Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Baby Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Cake Smash Photographer-La Vie Photography


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Houston Family Photographer

Houston Family Photographer

This baby-focused family session was purchased by this sweet husband with his wife in mind for Mother’s Day. She was disappointed that they were unable able to have newborn portraits taken of these beautiful little twin boys when they were born, but I think we were able to get some amazing shots that will truly last a lifetime! What an amazingly thoughtful husband!

It’s tradition in the Indian culture to not have the child’s (or in this case children’s) haircut until their first birthday. How lucky for me, because I absolutely adore the dark curls on these two! I loved to see the twins interact and play together. The way they would softly touch when close enough to, the sweet complimentary way one pouted out his bottom lip while the other sucked his in. There was such an obvious and undeniable bond already formed between these two brothers only after 7 months together. I can only imagine the deep friendship they will share throughout their entire journey.

It’s always a fun challenge to work with babies this age. At seven months old, they were so curious and adventurous. Always on the move, ready to absorb some new bit of exciting information. Such little sponges at this age! While there were a few hectic moments (because it would not be normal otherwise), the little ones were such a joy to work with. They had silly sweet and super fun personalities, never once fussy. Not to mention, they look adorable in knitted floppy ears! The super cute knitted outfits shown here were purchased specifically with these two little men in mind for my in-studio wardrobe collection, but would be perfect for any adorable baby!

I could easily tell that the twin’s mommy and daddy were born for parenthood. They had such gentle and patient spirits throughout the entirety of the session. While some parents let the somewhat inevitable chaos of a baby’s portrait session control their moods and reactions, these two responded in laughter and unending love. Such a beautiful trait to see in new parents!

Houston Family Photography-La Vie PhotographyHouston Family Photography-La Vie PhotographyHouston Baby Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Baby Photographer-La Vie Photography

Houston Newborn Photography Session – Pearland Newborn Photographer

Houston Newborn Photography Session – Linden

Everyone welcome into this beautifully crazy world, the dashingly handsome little Mr. Linden! This tiny bundle wanted to meet his mommy, daddy and big sister so bad, he surprised everyone by arriving almost 2 months early! After a few weeks in the NICU though, Linden came home for good, a perfect little boy. He was such a dream to work with! As a newborn photographer, I know its best to capture little ones as early as possible, not only for their stark freshness, but because of how settled they are at this time. Tiny fingers and toes…pouty lips…feather soft fuzz…who couldn’t adore these little ones!

I offer a baby steps plan that allows me to document each child throughout their first year. It makes my heart so happy having the opportunity to watch theses little ones grow from milk-drunk newborn to tiny little human. And to see them actively developing their own independent personality. I had the chance to experience that with Linden’s big sister, Mia and absolutely loved it. To see her make the leap from fresh newborn herself, to adoring big sister, gently kissing her new best-friend… I can’t even… Slow down time, please!! She’s seriously one of the sweetest and most gentle little girls I’ve ever had the honor of working with, and very obviously adores her new baby brother.

I have nothing but giddy anticipation, waiting for my next session with Linden. I can’t wait to hear how he’s developed and changed. Geeze I love my job!!

Houston Newborn Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Newborn Photographer_La Vie PhotographyHouston Newborn Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Newborn Photographer-La Vie PhotographyHouston Newborn Photographer-La Vie Photography

Thank you for a beautiful year!

Houston Newborn and Maternity Photographer.

Wow! What a beautiful year 2016 has been!! We photographed 64 gorgeous sessions in all this year and couldn’t be more thrilled with the resulting images.

My wonderful clients and I have laughed together and cried together. Some sessions are a breeze and full of laughter and some are a bit more of a struggle. No matter how a session goes, I am always so honored that each and every person who walks through my door would place so much trust in me. Thank y’all from the bottom of my heart for letting me into these special moments in your lives and allowing me to grow with your families!

I am always striving to give each of you the best possible experience and products, so I can’t wait to put some of my new plans in place for this next year. I look forward to a busy year in 2017 full of familiar and new faces alike.

Have a very happy and healthy new year!

Houston Portrait Photographer_La Vie Photography Houston Portrait Photographer_La Vie Photography