Houston Newborn Luxury Photographer | Londyn

Houston Newborn Photographer | Londyn

Newborns are such a joy to photograph. Aside from the obvious reasons of being tiny, new, and incredibly adorable, I love being able to try out new ideas along with the traditional styles and poses.

A Blooming Spring Beauty

I recently had the honor of photographing a sweet new baby girl who’s mama gave me a lot of creative freedom with her session. Londyn was an absolute dream baby. Gorgeous skin, perfectly plump, and super sleepy. She looked so angelic and sweet in neutrals, and absolutely rocked every single other color we put her in. It was so much fun using a non traditional color for a girl.

The deep royal blue was such a gorgeous tone and complemented her beautiful features well. I love incorporating fresh florals into my sessions. Since Londyn was the first spring baby this year, I went with tulips and hyacinths. Gorgeous! Fresh new baby plus fresh spring flowers… let me just tell you, it smelled amazing!

Londyn was so easy going and sleepy, and loved being snuggled up with her loving parents. Even when she gave us some sweet shots of her awake, she was perfectly content and offered up some adorable expressive faces. She truly was a dream baby, and a sweet reminder of why I absolutely adore photographing newborns.

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As Londyn’s Houston Newborn Luxury Photographer, the flowers weren’t the only gorgeous fresh little ones in the room! How sweet! Make sure to check out more cuties like this one from La Vie Photography!

Houston Fine Art Children’s Photographer | Louis

Houston Fine Art Children’s Photographer | Louis

Children are such a blessing. If you have kids of your own, you’ve probably stopped at some point to ponder just how fast it all goes. There’s a popular poem written in 1958 by Ruth Hulburt Hamilton, a mother of five, that describes the bittersweet feeling all too well. In ‘Song for a Fifth Child’ she so eloquently writes about the pressures of keeping a clean and tidy house, and maintaining everything else on our checklist, all while our children grow right under our nose. It’s a sweet reminder to slow down and take in every precious moment.

Capturing Louis’ Budding Personality

I love when I get to watch my clients’ children grow. I’ve photographed Louis since he was a newborn, and he just celebrated his third birthday! When preparing for a children’s session, I like to get an idea of their interests. This not only keeps them occupied during the session, but it also ensures we capture not only what they look like, but who they are. Louis brought all his favorite books and trucks, along with his lamby that is very worn with love.

We took some photos of him in his first tuxedo, which he attended his first ballet in beside his mama. He also wore his bow tie that we’ve used to document his growth since his newborn session. I enjoy each and every session I create for this family, and I loved the amount of sentiment that went with this one. I know when Louis’s mom sees all the pictures of him in his sweet bow tie in the years to come, she’ll hear the words of Ruth Hulburt Hamilton ring true: “the cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow, for children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow. So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep. I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep”.

Houston Fine Art ChildrenHouston Fine Art ChildrenHouston Fine Art ChildrenHouston Fine Art ChildrenHouston Fine Art Children

It has been such an amazing treat getting to capture Louis’ progress throughout these past three years as his Houston Fine Art Children’s Photographer! Make sure to check out more cuties like this one from La Vie Photography!

Houston Family and Child Photographer | Ryan

Houston Family and Child Photographer | Ryan

I was so excited to see this little guy again!  Ryan and his parents returned to my studio to document his six-month milestones.  When I last saw this family, Ryan was still brand new to this world and was just a tiny little bundle of snuggles. He has grown so much!  He is sitting up now, he is much more alert and engaging. Boy, does he love to giggle!  

Ryan’s parents decided to have a baby focused family session for our time together. What a great way to get some updated and fresh family portraits.We kept it simple and clean, and all about baby Ryan. We stayed with soft and neutral tones having baby Ryan wear a knitted pants set in cream.  

Sharing His Sweet Smiles

Just like his newborn session, Ryan gave the most adorable expressions with his warm brown eyes and sweet little smile. He is a natural in front of the camera and made my work a dream come true!

Can’t you just feel the love between this family? I am so pleased to have captured the way baby Ryan gazes at his dad with such adoration. And the way that Ryan grasps onto his father’s finger.  You can tell he feels so safe and loved by his parents. I know his dad would do anything for him.  Ever since I met him during their maternity session almost a year ago, Dad has always been super involved!

A Gorgeous Family, Inside and Out

Mom continued to impress as the stunning beauty she is, and always  has been. I remember back to her maternity session. Gosh was she gorgeous! I loved how relaxed and natural she is in her role as a mother. It’s clear to see she loves this little guy to pieces!!  I mean…who wouldn’t?! As we spent time during our session, I know none of us could wait to dive in and tickle that chunky baby belly of his. This family continues to be one of my favorites to work with!  I can’t wait to see them and sweet little Ryan again!

Houston Family and Child PhotographerHouston Family and Child Photographer

Oh how this sweet boy stole my heart and the show! Being his Houston Family and Child Photographer was such a wonderful treat and joy. Just look at that smile! Make sure to check out more cuties like this one from La Vie Photography!

Houston Maternity Fine Art Photographer | Stephanie and Howard

Houston Maternity Fine Art Photographer | Stephanie and Howard

This was a session I won’t soon forget. It truly was a treat getting to work with Stephanie and Howard to commemorate the approaching arrival of their little one.  They were so excited to meet their first baby, and a girl none-the-less!  I had so much fun seeing the excitement escape their eyes as I captured their loving embraces and tender moments. To say their excitement was adorable is a stark understatement.  Stephanie was so bubbly, which worked great with my personality, and Howard was a true gentleman. Always the supportive husband to his precious wife.

Welcoming their Baby Girl

Since Stephanie’s favorite color is pink and they were expecting a little girl, we utilized a lot of the feminine pink tones throughout the session and balanced it with some springy yellows. A color combination which I LOVE! It’s just so perfect for this setting. Soft and feminine…reminding you of spring and endless new beginnings. The pure white is such a beautiful reflection of the love and innocence of a new life and the purity of the relationship that created it. 

For some, posing can be a challenge. If you feel uncomfortable in front of the lens, it will reflect in the collection. But not these two! They were absolute rockstars during their maternity session. Constantly laughing and being entirely too precious (as if that’s a thing) as I posed them together. Howard was always sure to reassure Stephanie by saying “I’ve got you”.  I had to stop for a second to dwell on the depth of meaning hidden in that simple statement, “I’ve got you”. But that is another story for another post. Needless to say, I adored this couple <3

Houston Fine Art Maternity PhotographyHouston Fine Art Maternity PhotographyHouston Fine Art Maternity PhotographyHouston Fine Art Maternity PhotographyHouston Fine Art Maternity Photography


Stephanie and Howard were an absolute joy to work with. Welcoming their baby girl as their Houston Maternity Fine Art Photographer was such a treat!

Houston Area Newborn Luxury Photographer | Josephine

Houston Area Newborn Luxury Photographer | Josephine

I’m so excited to share this newborn session with you. Working with Jospehine and her sweet parents was so much fun! So often, I am reminded how much of a blessing this career path of mine is. Not only do I have the unique opportunity of meeting such wonderful people as Jospehine’s parents, but I get to provide for them a documentation of the happiest moments in their lives. Collections such as this are so much more than just documenting her tiny features and delicate details. It’s a reminder of the sweet baby-smell of her precious head. Of the way she curls her toes when she sleeps. The tiny crinkle on her nose as she yawns. Newborn photography is about remembering each precious memory and moment from this fleeting time in both baby and parent’s lives.

A Rose by Any Other Name

Josephine was my first newborn session of the year, and I was so excited to get to work as soon as she showed up to the studio. Being the rock star baby she is, she slept soundly throughout the entire session. As we transitioned from pose to pose, she didn’t open her eyes until after that great, big yawn. Perfect, right!? Seeing as her middle name is Rose, her mom brought along with her the delicate rose swaddling blanket you see below. This sentimental piece is also used in her nursery, so I can only imagine how wonderful it will be in the future as her parents look back on this collection and that blanket, thinking of the days when their little girl could very nearly fit in the palms of their hands.

What an absolute honor it was getting to photograph these precious memories for this sweet family. I hope this collection of images will forever be cherished memento of theirs to remember and look back on this special time in their lives when their family finally became whole.

Houston Area Newborn Luxury PhotographerHouston Area Newborn Luxury PhotographerHouston Area Newborn Luxury Photographer

I really enjoyed capturing this precious newborn as her Houston Area Newborn Luxury Photographer. Josephine was an absolute angel!