Houston Newborn Photographer | Mckenzie & Madison

These two sweet girls were just perfect for me during their session! Usually with a twin session you tend to expect it do be much more difficult, but these babies were perfectly sleepy and content the whole way through. Maybe, it’s because they had each other to stay warm and content. I hope for them, that this special connection they share serves them well as they walk through life.

“Because I have a sister, I will always have a friend.”

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,Tx

Houston Newborn Photography – Sophia

My last blog post was all about waiting on baby Sophia and… here she is! Isn’t she beautiful?!!

This sweet girl slept for me like a dream and I was able to get so much variety in a short period of time. I hope that y’all enjoy all of the soft and simple feminine touches in this session.

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxI loved adorning my garden swing with some pretty purple and blue flowers for miss Sophia. We may see more of this floral theme throughout the rest of her Baby Steps Plan this year 😉

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,TxAnd of course we can’t forget the rest of the family! Sweet Emily was not interested in taking portraits at first, but she came around and we ended up with some wonderful memories for this family. Check out all the sweet kisses and baby smiles <3

Newborn Portraits-La Vie Photography-Houston,Tx

Houston Maternity Photography

I feel so honored to continue watching this family grow! This time we were waiting on baby number 3…Sophia. Thuy is such a beautiful woman that I was excited to capture her final pregnancy in portraits.

Thuy’s top priority is her family and her kids come first so naturally we did a maternity session to include them. We couldn’t have had better weather that day and the kiddos were great! So many wonderful memories were captured during that short hour in a sunny patch of trees <3Outdoor-Maternity-La-Vie-Photography.jpg

When Thuy called me to announce her pregnancy I just happened to be at a photography conference and was bursting with new ideas and inspiration. So, I asked her if she would model for me as well for a studio session.

I even took a leap of faith and asked her if she would model for my first ever milk bath portriats. She enthusiastically accepted and we had great fun showcasing her gorgeous pregnant body during that session.
I know that she will cherish these images for years to come and her children will have them to look back on as well. In addition to prints she always orders a book to have the entire session as a keepsake. She says, “One day when my kids move out and have their own lives I want to be able to look back on these and remember our journey.”

Eliza Newborn | Houston Newborn Photography

Eliza was such a tiny peanut and so cute! Her big brothers and sisters were equally adorable and so well behaved. The whole session went perfectly and I’m so happy to provide this family with precious memories of their newest addition!

This first image was mommy’s favorite…

Newborn Portraits-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-Houston,Tx

Her birth announcement turned out lovely <3

Newborn Portraits-Houston,TxNewborn Portraits-Houston,TxEvery mother needs a portrait like this of their kiddos!

Newborn Portraits-Houston,TxEliza did this froggy pose so effortlessly…it was a lucky day 🙂

Newborn Portraits-Houston,Tx